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Journey through acres of trees, softscape, hardscape, pottery and outdoor décor in coordinated vignettes. Bring a friend, your designer or landscaper, it’s guaranteed you will be amazed.

Come by, imagine and immerse yourself. We are here to help you create the outdoor world you’ve dreamed of. Best of all, it’s all here in one place.


That’s what to expect when you visit “The Nursery” by Southwinds. The quintessential place to be amazed, inspired and involved. Immerse yourself in an outdoor world, see completed project vignettes, plants and shrubs, pots and urns and outdoor decor that will amaze you at every turn.


You will find yourself surrounded by a myriad of plants and trees combined with coordinated pottery and accessories all presented in complete style solutions. We make the process of coordinating individual elements into a complete outdoor design solution easy. Our staff is knowledgeable and ready to help you put all the pieces together to achieve your design goals.


The Nursery by Southwinds offers a new way to envision and create an outdoor environment that you’ve always dreamed of. Spanning acres, The Nursery is a collection of meandering trails that have been perfectly envisioned with plants, shrubs, trees all perfectly coordinated to help you envision a completed look for your home. Decks, structures, paths and walkways reveal an experience like no other.